Gallery God Beheading Live Ritual 2003 - Thailand

God successful beheaded! And leaving behind his ugly flock of christian, muslim, jewish, hindu and buddhist sheep in a world of Blood and Kaos! A truly blasphemous live ritual event with truly ELITE satanic black/death metalforces displaying maximum extremity and power. SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, SHAMBLES, NECHBEYTH, LACERATE, DEATHGUY along with IMPIETY dethroned and beheaded the nazarene cunt to a fierce warfront of diehard demonic Siamese hellbangers! And as always...A ton of Impious Hailings to Whathayakorn and our eternal warbrothers SURRENDER OF DIVINITY for the great and unforgettable hospitality!! S.O.D. TALOD KAN!!!

09 Aug 2003 - Thai Cultural Centre, Bangkok, Thailand