Gallery 6th Annual Under The Black Sun Festival - Germany

The last time IMPIETY bombarded Berlin was during the previous Skullfucking Euro Battlestorms Tour 2000 and we left the infamous Knaack Club in ruins. This time, IMPIETY had the honour and privelege of desecrating this kult annual metal festival some 60km out from the City. IMPIETY had a killer time meeting up with old mates, wardaemonic legions and diehard fans! True Sentinels of Satan such as KERBEROS, LUGUBRE, MISANTROPHY, ZARATHUSTRA, IN AETERNUM, ZEMIAL, DESTROYER 666 also raped the stage and displayed their bestial power! More than 1000 steel blasphemers present to witness the barbaric brutality delivered ternaciously by Goatgladiatorz IMPIETY!!

12 Jul 2003 - Ahlimbsmuhle - Berlin, Germany