Gallery Formoz Festival 2003 - Taiwan

IMPIETY headlined the Wind Stage (main stage) on a fullmoon Sat nite to 1500 warriors and maniacs! There was in total close to 20,000 humans attending over 3 days of the Festival. 3 stages in all with different types of sounds. Ours being the most devilish, repulsive, and extreme kind known to both man and beast! We surely created some minor cracks in the foundation of the Glorious Great Wall which was miles away on China! This is the best Asian Live Assault we've done so far! Eternal Hailz to our excellent host Mr. Rei (you fucking rule!) and also the organiser Freddy of TRA Music/CHTHONIC for inviting THE MIGHTY IMPIETY to ravage and conquer the Formoz Festival! We enjoyed every moment of our stay and met many really cool Taiwanese metal demons, sexy witches and diehard satanic warriors...HAIL TAIWAN HAIL!!!

19 Jul 2003 - Taipei Recreation Centre, Tapiei, Taiwan