Gallery Yogyakarta Metalfest '99

IMPIETY'S debut LIVE assault in Indonesia took place with a total turnout of 4000 barbaric metalheads!!! IMPIETY played with leading Indonesian Black/Death forces such as CRUSADE, GRAUSIG, SANTET, MYSTIS, MORTAL SCREAM, IMPURITY, DAMNATION, DEATH VOMIT & BRUTAL CORPSE.

16 NOV 1999 - Sport Hall Kridosono, Indonesia

Impiety's infernal blackhymns for the apokalyptik Indonesian bestial invasion:
1. Diabolical Witching Aggression - IMPIETY
2. Nocturnized - IMPIETY
3. Sodomythical Frostgoats - IMPIETY
4. Invincible Force - DESTRUCTION cover
5. Lords of Apokalypse - IMPIETY
6. Torment in Fire - IMPIETY