Gallery Kaos Kommand 696 Album Launch - Singapore

The much anticipated launch party for the new album assault! Close to 500 warcraving maniacs, demons, witches and legions present for the punishment! The band extends Volcanic Hailz to all proud SingaHellions and sick Goatlegionz present in full hellbanging support at the warfront! The billing included Warbrothers NECHBEYTH, fistfuckerz IRONFIST, KALIYUGA, MELTGSNOW, AZREAL and MEZA VIRS. 696 Kaoz thanks to Remy and TRIPPY FACTORY for organizing this event for specially for IMPIETY! Indeed, It was an Apokalyptik day of terror that sadistically tore a big black hole in the heavens!!!

01 Mar 2003 - Jams The Club, Clarke Quay, Singapore