Gallery Slaytanic Slaughter - A Tribute to Slayer '97

IMPIETY stormed the stage once again in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bands that also performed were VOCIFERATION ETERNITY , ARADIA , SILENT DEATH . The turn-out was 600...

2 Mar 1997 - Fire Disco (fuckin' DESTROYED!!!), KL, Malaysia

Impiety's hymns of hate for this attack:
1.Reign in Blood - SLAYER cover
2.Sodomythical Frostgoats - IMPIETY
3.Necrophiliac - SLAYER cover
4.Socerique Baphostorms - IMPIETY
5.Evil Has No Boundaries - SLAYER cover
6.Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell - IMPIETY
7.Satan's Curse - kult POSSESSED cover